Pilot/ATC RePL Conversion Course

Pilot/ATC RePL Conversion Course

If you hold previous aviation qualifications/experience, you do not have to complete the full, five-day RPAS training course to obtain your remote pilot licence. We are approved to conduct the necessary operational training, and therefore can assist any existing pilots or air traffic controllers.

Although RPAS theoretical training isn’t required for this type of RePL training, we offer course participants access to our online training to review the following lessons:

  • RPAS Systems
  • Air Law & Flight Rules
  • Operational Planning (Risk Management topic)
  • Aeronautical Radio (RPAS operations in controlled and non-controlled airspace)

Before you fly with us, you must review the pre-flight briefing videos. These videos discuss:

  • Getting started (general operation of the RPAS)
  • Introduction to flight controls
  • Flying sequences