Remote Pilot Course (RePL)

Remote Pilot Course (RePL)

In order to be approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to operate an RPA weighing 2kg or more for commercial gain either as a business or working under an employer an individual is required to obtain a Remote Pilot’s Licence (RePL).  A pass in this course and the follow up practical assessment gives a CASA approved RePL for an individual. Lessons covered in this course are:

  • General aeronautical knowledge
  • RPA Systems
  • Air Law and Flight Rules
  • Operational Planning
  • Basic Meteorology
  • Human Performance
  • Aeronautical Radio

Before you fly with us, you must review the pre-flight briefing videos. These videos discuss:

  • Getting started (general operation of the RPAS)
  • Introduction to flight controls
  • Flying sequences
  • Failsafes

The following video also explains how to complete our online theory training.

Please note, the RePL is a professional aviation qualification that requires the achievement of a minimum level of competency. While every effort will be made by our instructors to help course participants, it is ultimately the responsibility of the individual to ensure adequate study and preparation is undertaken before scheduled assessments. Course participants should immediately advise Remote Aviation Australia if additional assistance is required. We are happy to provide phone, email or Skype assistance where needed.

While Remote Aviation Australia will make every effort to provide training and assistance to achieve competency, a recommendation to CASA for the issue of an RePL will not be made if an individual cannot achieve all theoretical and practical competencies.

Course Content

Lessons Status

General Aeronautical Knowledge


RPA Systems


Air Law & Flight Rules


Operational Planning


Basic Meteorology


Human Performance


Aeronautical Radio